NAMI Contra Costa

We are a charitable non-profit providing outreach, education, support and advocacy to families and individuals in need of help. Get involved with our free education and support programs and start making a difference for yourself and the local community today.


Learn about our educational programs including Basics, the Mental Health Crash Course, Family-to-Family, Peer-to-Peer, and more.


We publish and monthly newsletter, local support group resource list, annual reports, a NAMI brochure, and more. See them all here.


Often a person and families first interaction is during a mental health emergency. See our emergency guides, including one about what to do if a loved in is put on a 5150 or put in jail.


Contra Costa County is a community for of rich, free, mental health resources including support groups and community centers. Learn more about them in our Community Resource Section.

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Gigi Crowder leads NAMI CC’s FaithNet Program Forward

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